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Product Overview

Survey software with a difference! The commonsense alternative to manually designing, collecting and analyzing surveys. No longer do you need to repeat the same process of pouring over survey designs to find just the right one. iMagic Survey Designer is a survey software system that is designed to simplify the business of surveys allowing you to get on with acting on the information you need.

Use your computer to reap the benefits of the computer age by automating your survey management. Get the feedback that you need and implement the results to improve your business. You can design, collect and analyze results and work towards your business goals. Rearrange, chop, paste, turn it upside down all without an eraser in sight!

Take a look at some of the benefits and features:

Understand your Customers - gain repeat business

iMagic Survey Designer gives you the tools to understand your customers in a way that has never before been possible. Find out what your customers are really thinking, where they currently are and learn how to satisfy their needs. Selling is one approach but understanding and then selling is another.

Want to know which customers in a demographic purchased your most profitable products or services this year? No problem, use the Define Filter to select the Demographic you're interested in, select the quantitative question from your survey and instantly see the results.

Create Surveys Quickly - save time with the Question Library

Getting started designing your surveys can often be a tedious process, on paper even more so. Many people have opted to use a Word Processor but quickly found its limitations. Our survey software is different, common questions to get you quickly started are included in a pre-built Question Library. Simply select the question from the category and click Add. With the basics out of the way you can move onto the more detailed questions more quickly than ever!

Satisfaction - the key to everyone's heart

When you have someone's heart you have everything. Making sure your customers are satisfied is a proven technique to give them an attachment to your business. It's from that feeling that customers will drive miles out of their way to knock on your door or visit your website time and again. It's far more economical to gain repeat business from existing customers than gaining new customers. It's understanding satisfaction that's the key.

Ask the right questions and get the answers you need. You've already sold your product or service to a customer, now find out how they feel about it. Did it meet their unique needs? Are they using it as you thought they would? How long did they wait before purchasing? What have they gained since using it?

Then this leads right back to the beginning with...

Take the Guesswork out - put your dollars where they count

It's often said that you never really know what marketing and advertising works. That's what your competitors want you to believe! By asking the right questions at the right time you can find out what marketing methods have actually worked, what the cost per advert is and how much money each is making. Why spend your dollars on marketing efforts that are leading nowhere? Those same dollars could be used to build up your most successful ventures.

iMagic Survey Designer makes it easy. Either through printed surveys or modern internet surveys. Our survey software will help you turn your guesses into hard facts. The kind of facts that put you in control and let you choose an action that will lead to the goal you want.

Old Customers, New Customers, Potential Customers, Employees - ask and reap the rewards

Be it your customers or internal employees the potential for understanding and improving your business starts at the beginning. Ask the questions and you'll find the answers, sometimes it really is that simple! iMagic Survey Designer helps you through each stage. From creating the best survey design to get the best results, to collecting responses manually, or through the web, to analyzing and understanding what has been said.

iMagic Survey Designer helps you to understand.

It's easy!

Don't be hassled by the hard work of creating surveys. iMagic Survey Designer saves you time, effort and organizes your resources. Easy to use survey software with helpful wizards will guide you through the survey creation process. Print your survey or avoid the tricks of manual distribution by publishing via the Internet.

Buy now from $199. Or download the trial version and see the benefits for yourself!

Our survey software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.