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Collecting Web Survey Responses

After you have published your survey you can collect the results by performing Collecting the Web Survey Responses.

To Collect the Web Survey responses:

1. From the main menu select Data Collection and then Collect Web Survey Responses.
2. Click Next to bypass the welcome message.
3. Select the Web Server where you previously published your survey and click Next.
4. iMagic Survey Designer will retrieve the available surveys. Select the Available Survey you would like to collect and press the Next button.
5. Enter the name of your survey. If you want it made available to the general public select the Public option. Click Next to continue.
6. The Survey results will now be downloaded. Once it has completed press the Next button.
7. You will be asked if you want to delete the results from the server. Select Yes if the results were successfully imported, this stops you from importing them again. Click the Next button to continue.
8. Click the Finish button to close the wizard.
9. To view each individual response press the Data Collection button, to analyze the results press the Analyze button.


You can view a detailed report of responses by selecting from the main menu Analyze and then Detailed Report.

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