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Software Updates for iMagic Survey Designer - 2024

To download an update launch iMagic Survey Designer and then from the main menu select Help/Check Web for Updates.

Updates in v1.35

  • Updated GUI with new Windows 7 interface changes.

  • Bug fix, when the question name was longer than 50 characters the graph was not showing. - Many thanks to Mohamed A for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.34

  • Bug fix for backwards compatibility files. Old survey files were causing an error on the Manual Response entry. - Many thanks to Barbara T for this suggestion.

  • Interface Updates.

    Updates in v1.31

  • Updated user interface with new icons and resizing features.

  • Updated SurveyWasp server so it now follows Question Logic.

  • Updated survey upload.

  • Added new Question Logic feature, allowing any question type to specify the next question. - Many thanks to Barbara T for this suggestion.

  • Added new file version, updated save, load, new and update.

  • Updated designer module so the survey is only marked as changed when actual data contents change.

  • Added new option to lock the design of a survey to stop accidental changes.

  • Added new option to display survey GUID.

  • Bug fix - back button wasn't obeying response logic during Manual Entry. - Many thanks to Barbara T for this suggestion.

  • Questions can now be 65535 characters long. - Many thanks to Barbara T for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.30

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Visual update for Windows 7.

    Updates in v1.28

  • Updated interface to tabbed version. - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.

  • Added Check Web for Updates feature under Help menu.

  • Added ordering feature to respondent list and analzye screens.

  • Bug fix on matrix reordering of sub-questions. - Many thanks to Robert C for this suggestion.

    Older Updates have been archived.