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Sitemap for iMagic Survey Designer Website

A list of all the pages on this website.

Product Overview

An overview of iMagic Survey Designer, what it can be used for, features and benefits.

System Requirements

System requirements - Operating Systems supported, hard disk space required, etc.

Server Edition

Details, pricing and requirements on the Server Edition of iMagic Survey.


Frequently Asked Questions from our support area, many answers to questions are included.


Support offered with iMagic Survey Designer, contacting us and our public forums.


Purchasing iMagic Survey Designer and pricing.

Download Trial

Links to the trial version, allowing you to test out before purchasing.

About Us

History of the software makers iMagic.

Who is using it?

Who's using iMagic Survey Designer.

Survey Articles

Articles on survey processes and survey software.

Site map

This page. Lists all the pages on the site.

Link to us

If you own a website and want to link to us this shows HTML you can use.

Online Manual Index

Online Manual Index.

Online Manual What is iMagic Survey Designer?

Describes what iMagic Surver Designer does.

Online Manual Tutorial 1 - Designing a Survey

First tutorial, getting started designing a survey.

Online Manual Tutorial 2 - Data Collection

Second tutorial, collecting responses.

Online Manual Tutorial 3 - Analyze Results

Third tutorial, how to analyze the results.

Online Manual Question Library

How to use the Question Library.

Online Manual Question Types

The different Question Types.

Online Manual Web Survey Overview

How the Web Surveys work.

Online Manual Publishing a Web Survey

How to publish a web survey so people can access it.

Online Manual Collecting Web Survey Responses

Collecting responses from respondents.

Online Manual Creating Paper Based Surveys

How to create paper based surveys for printing.

Online Manual Summary Report

Using the Summary Report.

Online Manual License Agreement

Legal requirement.


Piracy of iMagic Survey Designer.

What's New

What's New, lists updates and changes in each version.