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This tables shows the main features of iMagic Survey Designer. View the Learn More page for additional details.

Survey Design
Desktop Application for Fast Interaction
Unlimited Questions
Multiple Question Types - open ended, single choice, multiple choice and matrix
Unlimited sub-questions
Question Logic, jump on response or jump after question
Instruction Text
Rearrange Question Order with Automatic Question Numbering
Unlimited Question Length
Single Design with multiple distribution options
Survey Data Collection
Unlimited Respondents
Responses saved into single file
Automatic Saving of Date and Time of Response import
Survey Publish to Website
Automatic collection of Survey Responses
Manual Survey Response with full support for question types and logic
Optional Web Server component for your own website survey hosting
Automatic tracking of where response Originiated from
View Sample Response in Response List
Quick sort on Date, Sample Response or Originiated from
View and Edit Details of any response at any time
Quickly clear old respondent information
Survey Website Data Collection
Optional Web Server component for your own website survey hosting
Free unlimited hosting of your surveys on our server
Full support for question types, question and response logic
Possible to email links to respondents for completition
Private and Public surveys
Survey information protected by login details
Automatic download of responses directly into iMagic Survey Designer
Survey Response Analysis
Desktop Application for fast immediate response
Quickly view percentages and totals on each question and sub-question
View totals on source of responses
Add filter to sub divide results
Date and response type filters including sub-questions
View quantitative data in chart format
View results in Bar, Line, Area, Step, Pie in 2D and 3D views
Export all results to a detailed report
Export Analysis Summary and Responses to standard CSV files
Live update as data comes in
Easy to Use Interface
Compatible with MS Access if required
File use allows for backups
Export data to standard CSV files
Software Updates
Unique ID created for each survey
Respondent ID allows for interfacing into other systems
Create paper based or web surveys