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Why do you need Survey Software?

When relevant data is collected in sufficient amounts it can be used to make critical business decisions, one method for this is via surveys. A survey software tool that helps you through the process saves you time and effort. The time gained in using software is sufficient to make data collection possible that would otherwise be impractical to achieve. Computers are also great at producing reports quickly and accurately.

How can iMagic Survey Designer Help?

iMagic Survey Designer has been designed to help in the initial design process of a survey, through collecting the results and finally in data analysis. It's easy enough to use that most people will get a handle on it quickly, the time saved can be large even for a simple survey. While the ability to distribute surveys over the internet makes for a practical and cost effective solution.

Why iMagic Survey Designer?

iMagic Survey Designer has these benefits:

It's easy to use, allowing you to create, collect and analyize surveys quicker than ever before.
It's fast! Time saved that you would have spent in collecting responses or rearranging survey designs or trying to convince a spreadsheet to create a graph.
It's cost effective - featuring updates based on comments and feedback from our customers as well as the latest bug fixes and updates for your version of Windows. No hassle email and web forum support, including tips, tricks and articles all designed to help you make the best surveys possible.

Common Uses of iMagic Survey Designer

iMagic Survey Designer is used to help in tasks including:

Customer feedback on products, services, your company or support.
Internal audits including peer reviews and employee appraisals.
Testing of exams, courses or training.
Feedback on how some activity was handled.

For more details on iMagic Survey Designer view our Feature List.