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Welcome iMagic Survey Designer. The survey system designed to be fully flexible and easy to use. Please take a moment to browse the help below.

What is iMagic Survey Designer?
What it does and doesn't do.

Tutorial 1 Getting Started - Designing a Survey
How to design a new survey.

Tutorial 2 Data Collection
Using the Data Collection feature to enter responses to your survey.

Tutorial 3 Analyze Results
Using the Analysis system to view response statistics.

Question Library
Save time by using the Question Library.

Question Types
Learn about the different types of questions that can be created.

Web Survey Overview
How you can create web based surveys.

Publishing a Web Survey
How to publish your survey to the web.

Collecting Web Survey Responses
How to collect survey results from the web.

Creating Paper Based Surveys
Create surveys for print.

Summary Report
View the summary report for quick feedback.

Technical Support
Getting Technical Support.

Pricing and Purchase Information
How to buy the complete version.

License Agreement
License Agreement.