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Tutorial 1 Getting Started - Designing a Survey

This is the first tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Survey Designer. This tutorial steps you through the process of creating your own survey.

Creating surveys in iMagic Survey Designer is easy. First ensure you are on the Design page by cilcking the Design button on the toolbar.

To add a question:

1. Press the Add Question button on the toolbar.
2. Enter your Question Text you would like to add.
3. Select your Question Type, this can be either:
- Open Ended - Where the respondent can fill in their own answer.
- Multiple Choice (many responses) - The user can select many answers from a list of choices.
- Multiple Choice (single response) - The user can select only one answer from a list of choices.
- Question Matrix - The user can select only one answer from each of the sub-questions.
- Instruction Text - Allows you to enter some informative text.
4. If you have selected a Multiple Choice or Matrix question you can now add each response. To add a response enter the Response text and then click Add.

To delete a question:

1. Select the question from the question list on the left hand side.
2. Press the Delete button.


You can repeat this procedure for additional questions.
When adding a Multiple Choice (single response) question press the Logic button to jump the user to another question.
You can read more about Question Types here.
For articles about designing surveys, try

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