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Publishing a Web Survey

Before people can complete your web survey it must first be Published.

To Publish a Web Survey:

1. From the main menu select Data Collection and then Publish Web Survey.
2. Click Next to bypass the welcome message.
3. Select the Web Server where you would like to publish too and click Next.
4. Enter your username and password for the server. If you don't yet have a username press the Create New Account button. Click Next to continue.
5. Enter the name of your survey. If you want it made available to the general public select the Public option. Click Next to continue.
6. The Survey will now be transferred to the server. Once it has completed press the Next button.
7. The Survey URL to the newly created survey is displayed. You can click the Survey URL to view it on the website, or press the Copy to Clipboard to save it.
8. Click the Finish button to close the wizard.


After you've published your survey don't change any questions, otherwise the web server and your survey will be different! If you do this, iMagic Survey Designer will try to resynchronize the data.

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